About Me

Welcome to my little website. Here I am slowly compiling a collection of projects I have created. Some fix problems I have encountered, others I just carried out for fun!

I recently completed my BSc in “Computing and IT with Applied Mathematics” at the Open University, focusing on database design and management, algorithms, and the mathematics of graphs and networks. I am very pleased to have achieved first class honours in this degree, despite doing it in the evenings alongside a full time job, and a young family.

My main job consists of working on the project delivery team for a company that creates recipe management software. It is a small company, so I have the chance to get my teeth into a variety of projects on top of my core role. I really enjoy planning the strategy for how our software can integrate into existing business processes at large multi-national corporations.

In my spare time, I create websites for friends, administer a couple of Linux servers, and generally tinker about with computers. The rest of my time I spend either riding my motorbike, raising money for local causes with the Round Table, or looking after my young, growing family :-)